Distaff Spindle

Class: Gastropoda

Family: Fasciolariidae

Family Description:

The shells are usually reddish in color and have a moderate to large size, carnivorous, gonochoristic, reaching height up to 60 cm. The shells are spindle-shaped and biconic. The spire is elongated. The siphonal canal is well developed and is long to moderately long. The columella varies between a smooth appearance and showing spiral folds. The horny operculum has an oval shape. Their radula is characteristic with narrow central teeth with three cusps. The wide lateral teeth show numerous ctenoid (= comblike) cusps.

Genus: Fusinus Rafinesque, 1815

Species: Fusinus colus Linnaeus, 1758

Species Description:

Shell length150.5, moderately thick, high spire, channeled suture, long siphonal canal, white.


Buccinum toreuma Martyn, 1784; Syrinx tornata RÓ§ding, 1798; Fusus longicaudus Lamarck, 1816; Fusus longirostris Schumacher, 1817; Fusus indicus Anton, 1838; Fusinus (Fusinus) toreuma Deshayes in Deshayes & Milne-Edwards, 1843; Fusus rheuma Menke, 1851; Fusinus (Fusinus) longicaudus toreumoides (var.) Grabau, 1904; Fusus sinovellus Iredale, 1929; Colus boardmani Iredale, 1930.

Other Records(References):

Fusinus colus Linnaeus, 1758- [Hinton (1972): 33; Abbott and Dance (1982): 187 ;Springsteen et al. (1986): 175; Dharma (1988): 95; Oliver (1989): 200; Kubo and Kurozumi (1995): 101].

Global Distribution:

Indian ocean to central Pacific


This taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List