Ornamented Penion

Class: Gastropoda

Family: Buccinidae

Family Description:

Size from 30 to 260 mm in length, carnivorous, large species light in weigh with long canal and small species are corpulent with short canal. Shell texture varied throughout family, with strong axial fold and spiral ribs. The operculum is corneous with nucleus apical near the margin. Distributed in shallow subtidal, sublittoral and down to continental slope.

Genus: Aeneator Finlay, 1926

Species: Aeneator comptus Finlay, 1924

Species Description:

Shell length 60-64 mm, width 20 mm, sculpture of strong vertical axial folds


Aeneator (Aeneator) comptus Finlay, 1924

Other Records(References):

Aeneator comptus Finlay, 1924- [Powell (1979): 202 ; Abbott and Dance (1982): 168; Morley et al. (2006): 31].

Global Distribution:

New Zealand


This taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List. Endemic species from New Zealand.