Spotted Tun

Class: Gastropoda

Family: Tonnidae

Family Description:

Species of Tonna are large, globular lightweight shells, mainly tropical in distribution, that live from the shallow subtidal down to several hundred metres. They live mainly in sandy areas, where they can burrow beneath the sand and leave just the tip of their siphon exposed. Although a relatively small family, the Tonnidae has not been revised for many years, and there are taxonomic problems with many species.

Genus: Tonna Brünnich, 1771

Species: Tonna tessellata Lamarck, 1816

Species Description:

A large, fragile, globose shell with a low spire and prominently channeled suture. The wavy-edged outer lip ends in a shallow siphonal notch, lower part of columella strongly twisted. Penultimate whorl has 2 to 4 spiral ribs; body whorl has from 10 to 20. White, cream, or pale brown, with squarish blotches on ribs; apex brown.


Dolium fimbriatum parvula (var.) Tapparone-Canefri, 1787; Cadus doliolum Röding, 1798; Dolium maculatum Lamarck, 1822; Dolium fimbriatum Sowerby, 1827; Dolium minjac Deshayes, 1844; Buccinum dolium Mörch, 1853; Dolium costatum maculata Iwakawa, 1919.

Other Records(References):

Tonna tessellata Lamarck, 1816- [Hinton (1972): 19; Hinton (1978): 27; Hinton (1979): 19; Eisenberg (1986): 78; Springsteen et al. (1986): 99; Dharma (1988): 71; Oliver (1989): 138; Thach (2005): 92; Robin (2008): 148].

Global Distribution:

South Africa; West Pacific


This taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List