Black-Spined Murex

Class: Gastropoda

Family: Muricidae

Family Description:

The Muricidae includes many large, spectacularly spined and delicately fronded species which commonly found on rocky shores and in estuaries. The common name of `rock shells' is indicative of their habitat among rocks and coral where they frequently become heavily encrusted with marine growth. Muricids are carnivorous, some species obtaining food by drilling a small circular hole in the shell of their prey.

Genus: Murex Linnaeus, 1758

Species: Murex ternispina Lamarck, 1822

Species Description:

Moderate spire, fine spiral striae and microscopic lamellae. About six, large spiral ridges on body whorl, four or five axial ribs between varices, nodulose at intersections; three varices per whorl having strong, rather straight spines, those on shoulder largest. Lip has strong varix, with three large and about six intervening small teeth; dentate inside lip, sometimes with larger internal tooth, siphonal canal long. White, ends of spines dark gray, aperture white.


Murex (Murex) nigrispinosus Reeve, 1845; Murex rufolirata Schepman, 1911.

Other Records(References):

Murex ternispina Lamarck, 1822- [Eisenberg (1986): 94; Springsteen et al. (1986): 137; Dharma (1988): 79; Robin (2008): 240; Merle et al. (2011): 256].

Global Distribution:

South of India; Philippines.


This taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List.




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