Shuttlecock Volva

Class: Gastropoda

Family: Ovulidae

Family Description:

The ovulids are most closely related to the true cowries, whereas it encloses the shell with retractable flaps of the mantle. They differ from the true cowries by not having teeth on the inner edge of the aperture, and by encompassing a variety of shapes; some are more or less globular like the cowries, but others are drawn out at both ends into long, slender shells. The outer lip has an inner and outer edge- the inner edge is that towards the aperture. This is different to the inner lip of the aperture, which is the columellar side of the aperture.

Genus: Volva Röding, 1798

Species: Volva volva Linnaeus, 1758

Species Description:

Shell light in weight, extremities drawn out into long canals. Body whorl smooth or with faint spiral grooves and ridges; anterior and posterior canals with stronger spiral ridges. Outer lip thickened, smooth inside and out; inner lip of aperture smooth. Colour white, pink or pale purple. Size: Up to 134 mm in length.


Bulla volva Linnaeus, 1758; Ovula textoria Röding, 1798; Ovula aspera Perry, 1811; Volva lemurica Schilder, 1941.

Other Records(References):

Volva volva Linnaeus, 1758- [Hinton (1972): 16; Hinton (1978): 24; Abbott and Dance (1982): 100; Eisenberg (1986): 74; Dharma (1988): 67; Oliver (1989): 124; Abbott (1991): 46; Thach (2005): 84; Robin (2008): 107; Lorenz and Fehse (2009): 113-114.]

Global Distribution:

North Western and Eastern Australia; South East Africa; West Pacific


This taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List.