Asian Moon Scallop

Class: Bivalvia

Family: Pectinidae

Family Description:

Shell oval to circular, fan-like, ear-like, disc-like (narrow at the umbo) and umbo at the center. Hinge typically with wing-like expansions and without teeth. Both valve flattish, and either top valve flattish or bottom valve slightly convex, sculpture differs on opposite valves. Hinge ligament internal, single adductor muscle and pallial sinus absent. Many species are capable of swimming by clapping their valve. Most species are tropical, but a few live in polar water.

Genus: Amusium Röding, 1798

Species: Amusium pleuronectes, Linnaeus, 1758

Species Description:

Circular, disc-like shape, thin shell, valves slightly convex, fragile, externally smooth, internally prominent radial ribs, light brown on top valve, glossy white on bottom valve, pale dots near umbo. Internal radial ribs both valves 21-30 ribs, shell height 50-80 mm.


Ostrea pleuronectes Linnaeus, 1758; Amusium magneticum Röding, 1798; Pleuronectia laevigata Swainson, 1840; Pecten (Amussium) milneedwardsi De Gregorio, 1898; Amusium pleuronectes australiae Habe, 1964; Amusium pleuronectes nanshaensis Wang and Chen, 1991.

Other Records(References):

Amusium pleuronectes Linnaeus, 1758 - [Oyama (1951): 84; Kira (1962): 138; Morton (1980): 375-404; Abbott and Dance (1982): 303; Grecchi (1983): 7-9; Dijkstra (1990): 9, 10; Rombouts (1991): 4; Dharma (1992): 84; Bernard et al. (1993): 52; Dijkstra (1997): 319; Taylor and Glover (2005): 262; Raines and Poppe (2006): 138, 139; Raines (2010): 614; Dijkstra (2013): 45, 50; Mynhardt et al. (2014): 400-411].

Global Distribution:

Indian ocean; Tropical and subtropical Indo-Pacific Ocean


This taxon has not yet been assessed for the IUCN Red List