Welcome to the ‘Marine Molluscs of Borneo’ website


Mollusca is the second largest phylum with about 117,358 living species inhibited land, mountain, river, sea, ocean and consists of 46,000 of recent marine species. In the Borneo Island, diversity of marine molluscs remains unknown and yet more to be discovered. Initiative to develop this site is due to our concern on the marine molluscs diversity study that has never become center of interest of any present local institution.

“One will never know what he lost if he never know what he had”

(Wong & Arshad, 2011)

Therefore, our objective is to determine species composition and distribution of marine molluscs in Borneo Island waters. Please note that, current species displayed in the website is the preliminary record from Sarawak Exclusive Economic Zone area. Next group of data subsequently focus on species previously recorded in Sarawak, which is based from the existing information from scientific writings and unpublished record collections. However, not all species listed are provided with information’s such as an image, general species description, species coordination and specimens deposition info. Therefore, we will constantly updating any related informations of molluscs species recorded in Borneo and welcome any suggestions, comments or additional information of marine molluscs in the Borneo waters.

Future approach will be highlighted for species recorded in Sabah, Brunei and Kalimantan Indonesia. Participation and contribution of marine molluscs information from local and foreign researchers will be appreciated. We hope this site can be assessed by public as well researchers in the way to get the reference, guideline and knowledge of marine molluscs inhabit in the Borneo Island.